I, Lindsey Reilly, recently met with a client who asked me about simple solutions for sharing his family videos. He was overwhelmed by the number of technology solutions out there….he didn’t know where to begin.

My answer? The Cloud.

With video files well over 5GB, I suggested that instead of creating individual DVDs for his family members (soon-to-be-ancient devices), he investigate Google Drive as storage.

Of course, the big question I’m asked: Where is Google Drive located?

So glad you asked that. The Cloud, of course! It’s not the big, white puffy thing in the sky; it’s the solution to all of those problems that start with “where should I store my photos and…?”

For business owners, Cloud solutions may also help you save time, money, and headaches. Tim Maliyl, a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine, writes

Cloud storage means minimal downtime and it significantly reduces the possibility of losing data because rather than storing it in one physical location, information is placed in several servers in multiple locations. So if one server goes down, the data doesn’t disappear.

With great power comes great responsibility. That’s something to be aware of especially when getting your company set up with Cloud solutions. To learn more, I encourage you to keep reading Tim’s article.