Some might call it something along the lines of big brother advertising, but what Swirl has promised and delivers on is beneficial to both the business and potential customers alike. Using in-store beacons powered by Bluetooth technology, customers’ interests are more steadily monitored, allowing retailers to zero in on what really sells. As in, a customer may be lingering near the lawn and garden department for a good while, and thanks to the handy smartphone they undoubtedly have in their pocket, and the beacons themselves, the retailer may then send the customer a coupon for 20 % off their next purchase of a lawnmower. And all thanks to Swirl technology and their push notifications.

Sounds nifty, right? Twitter seems to think so too, having invested a second time in this marketing technology, bringing Swirl’s raised funds up to a healthy $18 million. And it’s easy to see why the social media giant has continued to put faith into Swirl. As we said before, it’s a win-win situation. Or, very possibly, a win-win-win. The customer gains incentives to keep shopping, the company makes more sales, and the individual locations gain a better understanding of which areas of the store customers are milling about in the most. Hint: it’s not the customer service desk, and probably isn’t the restrooms either.

But Twitter has the right idea in their investment and faith in Swirl’s technology, as stores like Urban Outfitters and Target are already plenty reliant on the technology to meet their customers’ needs and demands.


Photo courtesy of Pixel Fantasy