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From the first phone inquiry I made to e-Reilly Consulting, Lindsey Reilly proved to be as efficient as she was patient. I knew that I wanted my artwork to be online but had no idea how to get it there. Based on what she heard me say, Lindsey navigated with me to create an optimal site to show my work. Lindsey was able to discern what I wanted in terms of aesthetics and what I needed in terms of functionality, even when I did not know for myself. In all meetings and emails, and also in a video-tutorial that I will use going forward, Lindsey delivered design advice and information in a way that I could understand. Throughout the process of designing and executing every website detail, Lindsey was positive and professional. I rate e-Reilly Consulting give stars, 10/10.

Jeanne Regan Owner Cleveland Heights, OH October 19, 2016

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Lindsey was quite helpful, thorough, and very professional in her work. She presented information in a way that was very clear and easy to understand. If you’re looking for assistance with your web presence or internet, she’s highly recommended.

Bert van Beers Owner of Confluence Cycle and Yoga Cleveland Heights, OH October 19, 2016

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Lindsey and E-Reilly Consulting have been maintaining our website and web presence for several years. Lindsey is professional and very knowledgeable. Our carpet cleaning and janitorial company in Boulder, Colorado has been trending upward drastically and we thank E-Reilly Consulting for that!

Scott Perkins Owner of Precision Carpet Cleaning and Janitorial in Boulder, Colorado Boulder, CO September 2, 2015

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I have had the pleasure of working with Lindsey Reilly on the planning, construction and publishing of a new website for my website. Lindsey did an excellent initial interview, analysis and provided me with a personalized website which meets all my SEO requirements. Thanks to Lindsey, and I recommend her to everyone interested in her personalized approach to website design and content.

Tom Groover Owner of Groover Clinic in Boulder, Colorado Boulder, CO August 1, 2015

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Before Lindsey and E-Reilly Consulting, I had a generic website that lacked content. I was discounting services left and right because I was desperate to get business in the door. My website was almost non-existent as far as the major search engines were concerned. Now my website is clean, easy to navigate, and full of useful content for my clients. Because of the E-Reilly team’s guidance and expertise, I no longer need to sell my business short by using the dreaded discounting technique. My website is now on page one of major search engines and I am receiving at least 2-5 new client calls every week.

E-Reilly has also been amazing at managing our social media and Google Plus posts to keep our audience engaged and up with the current trends for our industry. I love that I get the reassurance and guidance I need during our monthly phone conferences to go over our former and current stats/results. During these calls we also discuss the content for upcoming social media posts and email newsletters content/marketing drive. The email newsletters have been awesome for keeping our current client base informed about any changes, new products, or new services that have been added to the salon.

They have also been key in helping us form strategies for pricing, events, new marketing ideas, and plans for continued growth and success. I have experienced so much growth first hand just from the few months I have been using the E-Reilly Consulting team, that my investment has definitely paid for itself. My results have been so good that I actually can’t wait until I can up my budget and start paying for more services through E-Reilly so I can continue my path of growth and success.

Nicole Breitmayer Owner of Eternal Salon and Loft in Rocky River, Ohio Rocky River, Ohio July 20, 2015

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As a small business owner in an alternative health care field, I observed a steady shrinkage of patient volume over the past 6 years. At first, I attributed this to the downturn that every business experienced during the economic crisis beginning in 2008. However as things stabilized in the economy, my business did not bounce back. I waited patiently for this to happen, but things just got slower and slower at work.

Then, one day when I was trying to figure out where had all the clients gone? I noticed that there were a lot more people doing what I do (I started out in 1999) with their own websites on the internet. I wasn’t the top of the list as I had been in former years. Could this have something to do with it? That while I was waiting for things to get better, others were coming into the field with better marketing than I?

It was clear there was more competition from other small businesses like mine, but the real clincher was that I now had to compete with big corporate hospitals offering my services, as well,. all of whom have big marketing budgets.

As my business continued on a downward spiral, I was forced to make all kinds of concessions, and in an effort to regain lost business, I moved to a smaller office with more amenities and easier access, in a better neighborhood, hoping this would fix the problem. It did not.

As luck would have it, I met Lindsey Reilly, and I entrusted her to help me in my effort to regain my business edge. She inspired confidence in me to retain her as my “social media” czar, and I am more than glad I did. I had wondered if this type of marketing could be the missing link? But my relative inexperience with these things kept me from knowing how to exploit the full potential of internet marketing.

Lindsey is very enthusiastic about her work. She began by quickly analyzing and optimizing what was already in place. She then incorporated new strategies to increase my exposure to new clients, and ways to remind existing clients I was still in business.

Today, I am seeing 50% more clients on average than I was before I hired her.

I feel happy to be working more, and that I can trust her to guide me.

Now I realize that a business owner must stay on top of the game with regard to the internet and social media, or better yet have a professional do this for them. This will insure that people can find you, and your business stays vibrant.

I am very thankful to Lindsey for her help.

Anne Kinchen Owner of Cleveland Accupuncture in Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio June 22, 2015

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Lindsey has the marketing skills and intuitive knowledge needed to keep you on top of your Internet customer engagement in a relevant way. Through social media, Internet broadcasting and building my database, she has guided me through the ever moving target of the new consumer interaction.

Barbara Silverman Realtor for Fuller Sotheby’s International Realty in Boulder, Colorado Boulder, Colorado June 22, 2015

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Lindsey has been really effective in bringing significantly more traffic to the HSI website, and has consistently increased the number of our Facebook “Likes”. In the last month the increase in Twitter followers has been remarkable. It’s nice to know that we can concentrate on our work here at the school knowing that you keep getting out such interesting posts frequently and regularly.

Barbara Seideneck Homeopathy School International in Boulder, Colorado Boulder, Colorado June 22, 2015

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Since Lindsey has taken over as webmaster, we’ve had nothing but compliments on the ‘new look.’ Lindsey is a pleasure to work with: professional, creative, efficient, and hard-working.

Diane Roberto Directress of Horizon Montessori School in Cleveland Heights, Ohio Cleveland, Ohio June 22, 2015

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By now, if you are not involved in the social media revolution you are probably missing something! Don’t go at it alone. Work with a true professional like Lindsey Reilly. She will guide you every step of the way or do it for you. Her communication skills are excellent and she will follow through with whatever your needs are.

Jean-Charles Duchene Owner of Hair By JC in Boulder, Colorado Boulder, Colorado June 22, 2015

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I have been very pleased with Lindsey’s savvy and services. Her knowledge of social media and website design has been driving new clients to my website and thus to my services. She and her staff have been adding items to my social media sites, with my approval of each item, like Houzz and Pinterest, to save me time. I see concrete evidence that the money I am spending for her services is worthwhile.

Bobbie Schwartz Bobbie's Green Thumb, LLC, in Shaker Heights, Ohio Shaker Heights, Ohio June 22, 2015

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Over the past 2 years I have worked with Lindsey at E-Reilly Consulting and have been really happy with her efforts. I have a small painting contracting business and she has helped me take it to the next level. The phone used to ring occasionally based on word of mouth, but now it rings all day long based on her SEO work, her advice, and help with all kinds of marketing strategies. She works efficiently, communicates well, flags problems to tackle before they become overwhelming, and in general does a fantastic job. Best marketing dollars I have spent in a long time.

Jonathan Robert Owner of A New View Painting in Erie, Colorado Erie, Colorado June 22, 2015

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