E-mail marketing is not only here to stay, but it’s a booming business. More and more, people are preferring e-mail as a means for product communication and information. At E-Reilly, we strive to help you understand the benefits of e-mail marketing and implement your vision into these marketing messages.¬†Keeping in touch with each and every client individually may be next to impossible, but letting them routinely know that you’re here and have a lot to offer is a no-brainer. Let E-Reilly help you stay in touch with your customers, while giving them the opportunity to share your message with others.

Still not convinced that e-mail marketing is the way to go? That’s okay – we did the hard part and compiled a list of benefits to woo you.

1. It strengthens client relationships

When clients get their monthly message from you conveniently sent right into their inbox, they’re getting to connect with you. They’re learning first hand what’s new, what’s coming soon, and what you have to offer. And all right from the source.

2. It keeps you in your customers’ thoughts

That is not to say that your clients aren’t already thinking of you. But getting the e-mail switches on the light bulb for them to think or murmur, “Of course, they’re the perfect company to tell my brother about for his new deck!” They haven’t forgotten you, but these messages can keep you in the front of their minds.

3. It is the economical way to reach a large customer base

And not only that, but it is the economical way to reach even more potential clients. Instead of spending a ton of money on things like physical fliers, you are sending an instant message to your clients, which they can then just as quickly forward to others with the click of a mouse.

4. It is a greener way of making customers aware of your services

Like we said, you’re already saving a ton on printing. And to the same tune, you’re saving a lot of trees in the process. It may take a few tons of paper to equal one fallen tree, but in time, it all adds up. Luckily, e-mails are weightless.

5. It utilizes a popular form of technology that more consumers prefer

The majority of us these days have gone “paperless” in receiving bills, letters, and even coupons. The environment aside, doing so prevents the actual build up of stacks of mail on our kitchen counters and coffee tables. And as 74% of consumers prefer e-mail to other forms of marketing communication, we would say that the odds would be in your favor to bring your messages to this platform.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Fitz