Odds are you have a tab open on your computer right now that is logged into Facebook or Twitter. Odds are you spend several hours a day clicking, commenting, and scrolling. The odds are, considering you are reading this post, you aren’t “off the grid.”

The influence of social media is undeniable. It’s easy to spend a good part of your morning on Twitter, and then realize you “have to” check Pinterest, Instagram, and so on. While the wealth of information and opinions can certainly fill time, the overabundance of posts have also driven people away.

Capitalizing on the clutter, Andrew Golis created “This.” It is a platform that allows users to post one link a day with the intent of highlighting a specific news article, blog post, or podcast. On its homepage, claims you will “find and share the best entertainment, art and journalism on the web.”

This. has four functions: Posting links, following other people, clicking links other users post, and clicking “Thanks” to show you endorse what another user shared. You won’t find selfies and users messaging one another.

It is currently available only to those who get an invitation from one of the nearly 4,500 users. The exclusivity has created a buzz, as numerous media members and journalists have made it clear that they want an invite. A simple search on Twitter will bring up dozens of people asking to make the list.

Just three months into its release, This. has capitalized on the need for simplicity in social media. Word-of-mouth is spreading and the momentum is building for what could potentially be another social media giant.