Online marketing content, whether it be written or in the format of video or audio, should always maintain a certain level of creativity and production value. But in some ways, a marketing video requires more attention and thought throughout its planning process. It does, after all, entail a lot of technical prowess on top of the creativity.

Even so, it’s not something to back away from out of fear or intimidation. Chances are, no matter what you create, you’ll view it as the marketing accomplishment that it is. And to ready you for the exciting venture of taking your business’s vision up a peg, we’ve put together the pointers to direct you in the right, er, direction.

1. Know your audience

Don’t get caught up in the sheer excitement of creating your video. Remember who you are targeting and keep that in mind as your main focus in the video.

2. You don’t have to go big, but don’t phone it in either

The quality of your actual video is insanely important. No, you don’t need special effects to rival the talents of Michael Bay, but you do need more than your smartphone and some fancy filters. Take yourself – and your message – seriously and others will, too.

3. Keep it short

Speaking of your message, don’t give your audience a 10-minute monologue snooze fest. Add in all of the most important aspects of your brand, but keep it light and keep it concise. You want to hold their attention, sure, but you don’t want to waste their time.

4. Hook them with the title

If news articles snag readers with their headlines, then it would only make sense for online marketing videos to draw viewers with catchy titles. Of course the production value and content is every bit as important as we’ve stressed, but a good title can be the difference between clicking and scrolling.

5. Add your virtual business card

Or, you know, your actual link! In the excitement and story-boarding, such a seemingly obvious detail could be over looked. Instead of leaving potential customers wondering who just made that awesome video and how to reach them, mention – more than once – how they can get more info and how to find you. This is your chance to spam them – in the nicest way possible, of course!

Image courtesy of Peter Taylor